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Tengku Zulkarnaen, "Preaching Work Will Fail If Only Ulama Forum"

By: Setiadi Rachmat Saleh

Tengku Zulkarnaen of MUI Jakarta in a panel of science in Medan Great Mosque (05/08/2016) then spoke about the importance of propaganda. If preaching is done only by the clergy. Then, the call will fail. Terms of preaching is not difficult, capital is only one paragraph. Tau amalkan one verse and then conveyed. We preach to invite people to worship, we are also equally worship. There is no worship without proselytizing.

If now upside down and said, "You clean up your self first, then clean up other people." If this is used can be damaged us. See the azan, invite people for prayers. Interpreters azan, muazinnya also not prayer. Just imagine, when the muezzin call to prayer, then he was praying first alone, and then prayed sunnat, then remembrance, and so on, and then invite people to pray with the excuse, "I've been praying, and took care of my business with God." So even in the family, if head of the family should be sorted out before the new worship took his wife and children to want to worship, had to wait how long the new people will believe. We preach (invite), we are also equally worship and should istiqomah.

Hence, this propaganda is a major task carried anyone. Because he is its appeal to the goodness and mercy of God and hasten to warn us to not engage in immoral to God. Between the preacher who was convicted with equally worship. No preaching, no worship, no faith, no Islam. If it's a new deepening of religious knowledge and wonder to pious scholars. However, there is a shared task of propaganda.
The brothers were blessed God. Da'wah is magical, able to bring faith and increase the faith many times. Invite other people believe and say Subhan Allah reward just like the "big tree" which were not completely surrounded by the fastest horse though. God loves believers exceeds the love of Allah to the universe. The world will not dikiamatkan while they last believer.

The faithful may misbehave. However, crime paid for by the rewards of crime. While goodness, Allah pay tenfold. God paid how much good we make. We must follow the prophet of pious charity. Therefore, it has existed in the Prophet Muhammad set a good example.

Therefore, while there are healthy and age. Perbanyaklah pious charity, prayer, remembrance, taklim wa ta'lum (learning), read the Koran. The world is a place of farming to do good. Insha Allah in the grave we'll grow gardens of paradise. We harvest to the provision in the Hereafter. Amen. *

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